Dream Tri-Hat Elements 3-pc Hi-Hat Set

Dream Tri-Hat Elements 3-pc Hi-Hat Set

Normaalihinta €340.00 Alennuksessa

Toimitusaika: n. 3-4 arkipäivää
Kolmen hihat-symbaalin setti:
  • 1 x 14" Contact Series Bottom
  • 1 x 14" Bliss Series Bottom
  • 1 x 14" Energy Series Top
  • Clutch
  • Pussi

Dream Tri-Hat Elements hihat-setti koostuu yhdestä Bliss-alapellistä, yhdestä Contact-sarjan alapellistä sekä Energy-sarjan yläpellistä, jonka lisäksi mukaan tulee hihat-clutch ja suojapussi. Kolmen hihat-symbaalin yhdistelmällä vaihdat haitsusoundin helposti peltiä vaihtamalla.

Contact Series Hi-Hat

The Contact Series Hi-Hat is a tight, bright cymbal that delivers a clean chick and an easy cut. This hi-hat provides a stick sound that is present, projects through and is never thin sounding. When played open the slightly dark tone supports the groove with a wide sonic presence.

Bliss Series Hi-Hat

The Bliss Series Hi-Hat provides the perfect vintage sound with an impressive ease of playing. This hi-hat has a solid chick, expressive cuts and warm dry presence that delivers an incredible retro groove.

Energy Series Hi-Hat

The Energy Series Hi-Hat is a completely unlathed bottom hat. This provides exceptional clarity and articulation with a solid foundation, delivering a quick, immediate response whilst still remaining extremely musical.