Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soundstore?

Soundstore is company that has been around since 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. We import and distribute musical instruments and accessories, such as drum parts, Sheeran by Lowden Guitars, Vintage Guitars, Wilkinson hardware and various accessories for musicians. We do also custom drum works, repairs and maintenance. And a have a lot of fun doing it.

Are you the same Soundstore that was located in Kallio, Helsinki a few years ago?

Yes, we opened a retail shop Kolmas Linja in 2005 which was later on moved to Porthaninkatu, just a few blocks away. Those were the days! We never really went away though, just continued working outside our own retail shop, focusing on what we really love to do.

Vintage or new?

Yes. Both. If you love vintage sounds, you must try old Camco shells, they sound simply amazing. That great Gretsch sound? We have plenty. Want more bass and darker punch? Try out Slingerland or Leedy. If that's not your cup of tea, we have a lot of new drums to fullfill your search for a prefect sound. So let's face it, basically you might just need both, vintage AND new. And we will help you with the selection.

What are Soundstore Comeback drums?

We salvage old abandoned drums and give them a new life by fixing the shells and bearing edges, equipping them with new quality parts when needed, making them sing again in the best possible way. Also the classic looking Comeback kits are great for lower volume venues or when a softer sound is needed - with a real bang for money.

What's your deal with Aron Soitin?

We co-operate in many ways. Our workshop is located in the same building as Aron Soitin, just a floor up from the shop. Most of our products are available for sale in the Aron Soitin shop. We do also repair and maintenance work for customers of Aron Soitin. Plus we usually just hang around the shop anyway, with all the other great people working in different areas of music field, inside the same building.