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Drum service price list

Size Bearing edges (no cut, no drilling) Drum shell cut, new bearing edges and lug holes
8" 20 € 40 €
10" 25 € 50 €
12" 30 € 60 €
13" 30 € 60 €
14" 35 € 70 €
15" 40 € 80 €
16" 40 € 80 €
18" 45 € 90 €
20" 50 € 100 €
22" 55 € 110 €
24" 60 € 120 €
26" 65 € 130 €
28" 70 € 140 €

Snare bed + 40 €

Contact us for custom works
(re-wraps, broken shells, filling up extra holes, cymbal modifications etc.)

Stuff for sale

Backline rentals

That great vintage tone for hire!

Do you want to sound as good as it gets on your next recording session?

Take a pick on your favourite gear and rent it for a day, a weekend or as long as you want.

We have a huge selection of Camco, Gretsch, Leedy, Ludwig, Premier, Rogers, Slingerland, WFL drum kits and snare drums for hire - not to mention various custom drums. Just tell us what kind of sound you're after and we'll provide them for you in a ready-to-record condition.

Old Vintage Shells to New Custom Drums

We have a selection of vintage Gretsch and Slingerland drum shells available all the time.

We will build you a custom drum kit or snare drum using vintage drum shells and quality hardware. What's your favourite setup and finish?

Contact for more information

Welcome to Soundstore

Soundstore is a distributor of musical instruments and accessories since 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. We build drums and do all sorts of custom works. Cutting down drum shells, re-wrapping them, drilling new holes and filling up old ones, repairing of broken drum shells and bearing edges, cymbal modifications. And have a lot of fun doing it.

If you love vintage sounds, we have a large selection of old drums to choose from - Camco, Gretsch, Leedy & Ludwig, Premier, Rogers, WFL, you name it. Not only we sell vintage drums but they are also available for rent - just for one gig to a few months. Just let us know what you need.

If that's not your cup of tea, we build up new (or new old) drums to fullfill your search for a prefect sound. You might just need both, vintage AND new. And we will help you with the selection.

Our workshop is located in the same building as Aron Soitin, just a floor up from the shop. Most of our products are available for sale in the Aron Soitin shop. We do also repair and maintenance work for customers of Aron Soitin.

Anything else? Please contact us with anything. Happy to help. Ja sama suomeksi.

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Sahaajankatu 14
00880 Helsinki, Finland

Open by appointment

in co-operation with Aron Soitin

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